Meeting #:Special Committee of the Whole - SCOW-08/2019 - 6:30 pm
Meridian Community Centre - Accursi A and B
100 Meridian Way
Fonthill, ON
L0S 1E6
If you require any accommodations for a disability in order to attend and participate in meetings or events, please contact the Office of the Clerk at 905 892-2607, ext. 315 or 320.  Taping and/or recording of meetings shall only be permitted in accordance with the Procedure By-law. Rules of Decorum apply to observers.​

Prior to the Call to Order, interested citizens will be welcome to view the various alternatives for a Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Program under consideration.  Display boards will be available from 6:00 to 6:30  for this purpose.  Descriptions of these alternatives are also available on the municipal website for review prior to the meeting.

Pelham Council values public feedback. Members of the public shall address Council in accordance with decorum and respect as outlined in the Procedural By-law, as follows:

  • Form a single line at the public microphone;
  • Address Council one speaker at a time, for a maximum of three (3) minutes;
  • Identify oneself to the Council (state your name);
  • Present information in a clear, concise, respectful and temperate manner;
  • Provide a copy of all written materials or presentations to the Clerk;
  • Speakers shall not speak disrespectfully of any person, including Council or Staff;
  • Speakers shall not use offensive language or make comments that constitute harassment or inappropriate behaviour;
  • The Chair has the responsibility to expel a speaker from the meeting for non-compliance, and may call a recess or adjourn the meeting in the case of grave disorder;
  • Attendees shall maintain order by not applauding, heckling or engaging in behavour that would be disruptive or disrespectful to other attendees, the Council, or Staff.

Presentation:  Gypsy Moth Public Meeting

J. Marr, Director of Public Works & Utilities